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Italian scool harpsichord

Black harpsichord with oil painting on panel a copy of a work by Artemisia Gentileschi. Soundboard in spruce. Light harpsichord with painting a detail inspired by the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, a cypress soundboard. Extension Si/mi - Transposition 440/415 Hz - 8'x8''-  Dimension: 221x87x24

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Restoration of ancient instruments

We keep the soul and history of the instrument.
Look Gallery - Square Piano 1810

Harpsichords for "Basso Continuo"

Under construction a line of Italian school instruments, light and transportable for basso continuo.

C/E - c3 - 2x8 '- 415/440 Hz transposition

Soundboard in spruce

Length 190 cm approx

Basement 3 legs screwed

Only one color




Material for Harpsichords and Fortepianos

It is possible to order in our atelier everything you need for the maintenance of your instruments:

Cases - Keys to tune - Strings - Delrin plectra - Bristles - Jacks - String damping

Wooden jack-slides


Fortepianos mechanics