The Harpsichords are works of art

"Revisiting the balance of an ancient art is a difficult task: fiber life is a solid union that teaches and delights every wise ear, quality is the respect of a language that is independent of man's personal interpretations. keyboards the task of finding harmony with the composition and giving voice to an instrument that possesses the soul ".

This brief caption sums up the importance of a musical instrument. The ambitious task of keeping an ancient trade alive, which gives prestige to Italy. A significant number of masters, scholars, harpsichordists passionate about international culture, experts in the evaluation of the materials used for the construction of these instruments, appreciate Italian craftsmanship with great interest. It is our desire, in this workshop of women called "Frezzato and Di Mattia Harpsichords", to transform the study and the knowledge into instruments that have a beautiful timbre and good structural stability. Give life to a work of art that has a meaning, which tells of our time and its controversies. Give our instruments our emotional imprint. Building according to tradition and guaranteeing quality and excellence. Features of which we are deeply proud.