Italian harpsichord

C.Grimaldi with modifications

2x8’– Sol-Re registers (55 keys)

Transposition 415/440

Dimensions 2460mm x 900mm x 190mm approx.

Soundboard in cypress

Cabinet finishes with Makassar


Italian harpsichord

Artemisia Gentileschi - "Giuditta e la fantesca Abra"

"I liked the idea, maybe the blade of the sword cutting the lace. Sword and lace: two worlds so different but dangerously touching. Yes. It would have been a new thing, all mine, and it would not have belonged to an era in which women hid their abilities to submit to a man, even her husband. "

From "The Passion of Artemisia" by Susan Vreeland

Spruce soundboard - Si / mi extension - Transposition 440/415 Hz - 8'x8 '' - Dimension: 221x87x24


Italian harpsichord

A Renaissance detail inspired by the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella in Florence

Cypress soundboard, Si / mi extension Transposition 440/415 Hz - 8'x8 '' - Dimension: 221x87x24


German harpsichord - C. Zell

German school harpsichord with inscription Christian Zell 1728 Hamburg - 2 manuals. Extension FF - f3 (61 keys) - 8'8''4 '- Transposition 415 Hz / 440 Hz and Lute.

The keyboards are made of Makassar Ebony. The chromates in walnut with bone cover. The spruce soundboard, aged ten years and naturally. The sound runs along tracks of wooden matter. The decorations on the case and on the base are enriched by cabinet work.

The lines along the sides and the discontinuous stretches on the basement, represent the desire for freedom from conditioning and closures, which are often held prisoner. They are open lines, without rules and compromises. Harmony that evolves, which changes the way of understanding the daily "no". The points of suspension on the lid, evoke a suspended, uncertain living: a man who tries to reason his time despite the frenetic wear and tear of everyday life.

For us, a humanity that feels the predominant need to find within the heart, the resources to progress.


Italian harpsichord


Spruce soundboard

Si / mi extension 

Transposition 440/415 Hz 

8'x8 '' - Dimension: 221x87x24