Flemish Harpsichord


G / P. Taskin 1764/83
Extension FF - G3 (63 keys) 2x8 '- 1x4' - Peau de Buffle - Lute
Transposition 392/415/440 Hz


Italian harpsichord

Artemisia Gentileschi - "Giuditta e la fantesca Abra"

"I liked the idea, maybe the blade of the sword cutting the lace. Sword and lace: two worlds so different but dangerously touching. Yes. It would have been a new thing, all mine, and it would not have belonged to an era in which women hid their abilities to submit to a man, even her husband. "

From "The Passion of Artemisia" by Susan Vreeland

Spruce soundboard - Si / mi extension - Transposition 440/415 Hz - 8'x8 '' - Dimension: 221x87x24


Italian harpsichord

A Renaissance detail inspired by the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella in Florence

Cypress soundboard, Si / mi extension Transposition 440/415 Hz - 8'x8 '' - Dimension: 221x87x24


Flemish harpsichord


J. Ruckers "grand revalement" Anversa 1612

FF extension - f3 (61 keys) - 8'8'4 '- Two manuals 

415 Hz / 440 Hz transposition and Lute.

Soundboard in spruce

Dimensions 2400mm x 950mm x 270mm


Italian harpsichord

C.Grimaldi with modifications

2x8’– Sol-Re registers (55 keys)

Transposition 415/440

Dimensions 2460mm x 900mm x 190mm approx.

Soundboard in cypress

Cabinet finishes with Makassar